About Me

Hi! My name is Leene and I am a Game Developer, mostly known as the creative director for Death and Taxes. I love creating fantasy worlds and sharing them with people.

I made this (hobby) business because I love stickers and I want to send them to people, adding a bit of a personal touch to each letter. I love art, shiny stuff and strong aesthetics so this is a great side project for me to have a bit of fun with. :)

💜 I am so excited about setting my own e-shop up and I am thankful for anybody who buys something and helps making this dream a reality.  💜
About Delivery

I will handpack each envelope/shipment and will send you a personal signed thank you note!

The product can be delivered to almost any country in the world under 10 workdays. List of countries delivered here.
If you are outside of EU, there might be additional import fees unfortunately added to the package later in the delivery by your countrys toll.

About Products

All stickers are premium waterproof vinyl and all items are designed by me (and maybe some other guest artists in the future?).

Not actually a crime, I made my own tiny art company for this in Estonia, called Leene Art OÜ.
I just found it a funny name for a sticker shop. I love calling my projects something a big company would never do :D.
I will run this store professionally with a bit of fun sprinked on top. ✨